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Hippo Swivel Clip Question: How does the Hippo Swivel Clip work?

Answer:  The Hippo Swivel Clip clamps onto any tarp, poly or other fabric type sheet materials replacing torn out grommets or use to create a grommet where none exist before. The swivel action allows the material you are clamping to hang straight.

Question: Would I use the Swivel Clip Tarp Weight or Tarp Hook?

Answer:  The Hippo Swivel Clip Tarp Weight is the heavy duty version of the Tarp Hook and requires no grommet. It clamps onto any tarp, poly or other fabric type sheet materials. The bottle cap attachment allows the user to convert used 2 liter soda bottles into Weights. Simply fill with sand or water and clamp onto your tarp. Perfect for applications where tie down points are not available. The Tarp Hook requires a grommet our other attachment points.

Question: What is the difference between the Hippo Swivel Clip Shock Cord and the Adjustable Shock Cord?

Answer:  The Hippo Swivel Clip Adjustable Shock Cord has our Tarp Clip at one end and our hook at the other end. Clamp onto any tarp, poly or other fabric type sheet materials. To use simply clamp the Hippo Clip at one end the hook at the other and then safely adjust to desired tension.

Question: What materials are your shock cords?

Answer:  Our shock cord is made of natural rubber and is coated with a Polyester Braiding and is UV treated. This shock cord will stand up to harmful sun rays longer than any other Bungee Cord. Our hooks are made with Fiber Glass Reinforced Nylon and are UV and Cold Crack Treated.

Question: During what situation would you suggest using the Swivel Hook Shock Cord?

Answer:  The most common use is with Tarps. Most tarps have grommets every 3 feet. (One Meter). When securing a tarp it is critical to clamp in just the right place. Our Hippo Tarp Clip allows you to tie down at just the right place. This helps to prolong the life of your tarp and to ensure that whatever you are covering remains covered.

Question: How does the hook with shock cord adjust and get tension?

Answer:  The length adjustment locking mechanism allows for easy "one pull" tensioning.

Question: What lengths and colors are available?

Answer:  Shock cords are available in 16", 24", 36", 48" and 72" lengths. Available in Black, Jungle Camo, and Desert Camo.

Question: How do I know that these products are made from top quality material?

Answer:  All of our products are designed by professional engineers and are tested by independent third party testing labs.

Question: How do I install the Tarp Zip-Up?

Answer:  1. Peel of backing paper. 2. Apply to clean surface. 3. Open Zipper. 4. Using a utility knife cut through both layers of material.

Question: What are some of the applications for the Tarp Zip-Up?

Answer:  The Tarp Zip-Up is used in many industries. In residential and commercial renovations it is used to make doorways into temporary dust containment enclosures. In Horticulture it is used to create doorways into indoors and out door green houses. Janitorial, restoration and abatement services also use the Tarp Zip-Up in their industries.

Question: Why would I use Dad's Tape instead of Duct Tape?

Answer:  Duct tape will not stand up to the Suns Ultraviolet Rays. Dad's Tape is UV Treated and has been tested in outdoor Automotive, Marine and Tool repair applications since 1995 and is still holding up strong over 13 years later.

Question: I can't tear Dad's tape, how do I get the length I need?

Answer:  Dad's Tape is made from a poly woven fabric. You will need to use scissors or a knife.

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