About Us

TARPLINE has been developing tarp and tie-down accessories since 1994. Our founder, Ken Langtry, is a builder, miner, mariner and inventor. His unique experience working in the toughest environments from Northern Canada to the open Pacific Ocean motivated him to develop this line of exceptional tarpaulin related products. Our Original product line consisted of the Tarp Hook, Tarp Zip-Up, Tarp Tab, Gromm-It, Tarp Gripper and Tarp Pro Patch which was reintroduced as Dad’s Tape, Tarp & Tool Repair.
More recently we have reinvented the Bungee Cord.

Tarpline was created to fill a niche in the Tarp & Tie down Industry. Starting from one product innovation in 1993 we continue to create new, safe and easy to use products. Our extensive research into the safety aspect of the traditional Bungee Cord has resulted in the creation of our Adjustable Shock Cords. Emergency Room Doctors and Nurses from around the world will confirm that traditional Bungee Cords are one of the leading causes of accidental blindness and eye injuries. Our version of the Bungee Cord differs greatly from the original offering advanced safety features and ease of use. Our hooks are fashioned so that there are no sharp edges and are made with the best Fiber Glass Reinforced Nylon available.

We have also recently reinvented the traditional Grommet, Tarp Hook and Tarp Clip. Our Tarp Clip is available in three versions. Hippo Swivel Clip, Hippo Swivel Clip Tarp Weight and the Hippo Swivel Clip Adjustable Shock Cord. The clamp ends allow for attachment to tarps or any poly or fabric sheet materials. These improvements make ours the best and most versatile products of their kind anywhere.

Most importantly, all of our Adjustable Shock Cords are available in five popular sizes and are Fast, Safe and Easy to Use.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that products should be safe, convenient, reliable and easy to use. You the customer are the most important part of our business. That is why TARPLINE PRODUCTS only brings quality products to the market and we will always do our best to meet your needs. All TARPLINE products are tested in house and then by third party professional engineers so you don’t have to take our word for it. All of our products are made to withstand the test of time using only the finest materials available. We also offer specialized packaging and distribution solutions to ensure that our customers receive exactly what they require.


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